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Friday, September 9, 2011

Twitter crossed milestone of 100 million users


Twitter the most popular micro-blogging social networking, recently crossed the a great milestone of 100 million user base.

twitter 100 million users

Twitter in its official blog announced that they have marked the 100 million user who share thier thought all over the world. According to Twitter among these 100 millions users, out of which 40% of user just signed and listen to what other says. Twitter already posted about that they delivering 350 millions tweets per day and 9000 tweets in every second.

This stats though is not enough to mark the Facebook which has user over 750 millions and also Linkedin already announced their 100 million user stats. Also it is believed that  Google+ the new social venture of search giant Google going to overtake Twitter in a year. Twitter need to have more aggressive to be not go behind the Google+ and the LinkedIn it's Close competitor. While it have much to do to touch even near the Facebook.

Also in the post Twitter mentioned that they are going to add up new languages namely Hindi, Filipino, Malay and Simplified and Traditional Chinese in the forth coming. This will make total of 17 languages what Twitter supports. A month ago Twitter had added Dutch and and Indonesian Languages to it supporting languages. 


  1. rajeev you are right twitter have still much to do before they go in real deal with facebook, also they need to keep eye on google plus

  2. Still need more twitter have add more user to be a great network


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