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Monday, August 1, 2011

Twitter announce the launch of Dutch and Indonesian Languages.

Now twitter has added Dutch and Indonesian to their supported languages. This make the no languages count supported by twitter to 11. They announced it on the blog post.
Twitter claims  Dutch and Indonesian to be the first languages translated by community volunteers through Twitter’s Translation Center. They also said that the translators translated ", support pages, desktop and mobile applications — everything except the Tweets".
With this twitter gearing it micro-blogging service to grow more and more. This also help them in expanding twitter locally as well as fueling the competitiveness. Twitter will grab the non-English speaker like what Google, Facebook is doing. Twitter Popularity is not less but adding new language will help it in popularizing  more as many people refer their mother tongue more.

Twitter's supported languages: Dutch, Portuguese, French, Indonesian, Italian, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.

New Language to come:  Filipino and Malay 
If You are one of the speaker of the languages, you can help twitter translator to this link Translation Center


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