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Thursday, August 22, 2019

Turning Cloud the Cloud Migration consulting company

Turning cloud is new innovative company located in gurugram India. It is one of the the few innovative cloud migration service providers. This Consulting company specialised in in various cloud migration solutions.

turningcloud cloud migration

Before going into to detail about this company we going to see what cloud migration mean.

Definition of cloud migration

Cloud migration is the process of moving business data, vital business applications or other business elements to a cloud computing environment.

Cloud migration can be of different types which an enterprise can choose. The most common cloud migration is transferring of vital datas local computing environment to cloud Computing environment. The cloud computing environment in this case maybe e public or private but most Enterprises choose public cloud. Another type of cloud migration is to transfer data from one cloud system to another cloud system, switching of cloud services.  When some startup become a big giant corporate house they may want switch from Cloud solution to the localised application host environment. This is third type of cloud migration.

Benifits of cloud migration

  • One of the main goal of cloud migration services is to save cost.
  • It it helps in in providing cost effective performance for hosting applications which are vital to run the business.
  • The pay per use model in a cloud environment is not just only cost effective but it also self service provisioning.
  • The cloud solution helps Enterprise in their core businesses instead focusing on operation and maintenance of their application.
  • One of the key area in a cloud is security, so cloud migration solution provide a better security to the Enterprise Who need not to worry about thier data security.

Turning cloud the cloud migration consultancy company based in gurugram, give many companies opportunity to to migrate their business to cloud and harness the the digital environment at effectively and at low cost.

The company's main aim is to provide a
high-quality services and products that provide calculated values to their clients. It also aim to provide a cost effective reliable services to the clients.

Migration is one of the services that Turning Cloud a consultancy company provide. They also involve in in software development web based app development Android application development iOS application development and software integration.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Why India don't need secularism?

What is secularism?
Do anyone know?

I don't know secularism but know secularism in India.
In India secularism means exodus, end of Hindu.
Prime example is recent brutal killing of Shri Ramalingam yesterday by so called religion of peace. PFI a muslim supported organisation killed Shri Ramalingam while he was returning to home with his son.

Story started earlier when Shri Ramalingam went to a dalit basti for finding labour for his catering. He saw conversion activity in the area. He protest and teaches the people following religion of peace.

This is not one incident and kind of these are numerous. It happened earlier and till India remain secular.

Have you heard anything about this story in mainstream media? No because he was not akhlakh but Ramalingam.
Where is secular media???
Where is award wapsi gang?
Where bollywood?

All hypocrite are in thier den. They know Hindu is stupid coward will not do anything. Wake Hindu this happen to Ramalingam today next may be you. Unite and fight against the atrocities happening. If you not fight tomorrow you will extinct, no body will care for you.

Watch the video and it all you friends.


Share the video to every and make sure you fight against the atrocities. We demand justice for  Ramalingam.

Tweet with hashtag #justiceforramalingham

At last may God bless Ramalingam's family and he rest in peace. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Merger of Bank of Baroda Dena Bank and Vijaya Bank

The government had decided to merge three PSU banks - Bank of Baroda, Dena Bank and Vijaya Bank. Government had end the speculation of merger of banks with the second merger after merge of SBI with it's associate bank and Bharatiya Mahila Bank. The decision was taken under at a meeting of a ministerial panel called alternative mechanism headed by finance minister Arun Jaitely.

The Banks Merger Out Come

Out of the three banks, Vijay bank is small strongest after Bank of Baroda. While if you see Dena Bank, it would be a burden for new bank come out of merger. Dena bank having alots of problem including the huge NPA and is under the promt corrective action (PCA) framework of RBI. Redcution of NPA and making the strong bank with greater capital is the aim of the government but this doesn't server the purpose.

Third Largest Bank in India

Post merger Merger of Bank of Baroda Dena Bank and Vijaya Bank, the new bank will be third largest bank of India placing ICICI to fouth. The combine business of the new bank will be Rs Rs.14.82 lakh crore. 

As on date the Bank of Baroda have 56,361 employees, Vijaya Bank have 15,874 and Dena Bank have 13,440 employees. So, after the proposed merger of the three banks, total employee strength will be around 85,675 the combine total of three. The total number of branches will around 9,500

Merger of two strong and one weak bank

If you see the NPA position of three banks you can clearly say this merger is among two strong and a weak banks.

Bank Net NPA Capita Adequacy Ratio
Bank of Baroda 5.40% 12.10%
Vijaya Bank 4.10% 13.90%
Dena Bank 11% 10%

Vijaya Bank has give us hope with an improvement in April to June quarter with gross NPAs at 6.19 percent vs 6.34 percent in the January to March quarter. On the one hand, Bank of Baroda's gross NPAs grew to 12.46 percent in Q1FY19 compared to 12.26 percent in Q4FY18.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

SBI Mingle registration on Twitter

SBI (State Bank of India) the largest Bank in India announced the Social media banking on two platforms – Twitter and Facebook. The Largest Public Sector bank in India announced ‘SBI – MINGLE’ social media banking platform. Ms. Arundhati Bhattacharya, Chairman, SBI Launch the new business initiative on the big day the 61st State Bank Day! In this post we are going to Learn about SBI Mingle registration on Twitter, it features. We also going to learn #hashtag banking and how to use them with SBI MINGLE on Twitter.

Basic Requirements for Using SBI MINGLE

The are two basic requirements for SBI customers to use SBI MINGLE:
1. A Twitter account
2. One time registration for SBI MINGLE through their account number.

Below is few steps for SBI Mingle registration on Twitter

Step 1 : First and the very simple step is to follow @TheOfficialSBI on twitter with you own twitter account, which you want to use for banking purpose.

Step 2 : Every Banking option on Twitter can be done with the Direct Message (DM). So after following the SBI Twitter account you need to direct message to them ‘#Help’. You will get the set of Instructions to follow in your direct message as reply from SBI twitter account. You can Skip this step in process of SBI MINGLE registrations on twitter, as you can directly register with information provided here.

Step 3: You will get the Instructions you DM ‘#Help’, You have to follow the same which we are going to show here. This is one of major step in process of SBI Mingle registration on Twitter as you have to provide your account number. Direct Message @TheOfficialSBI with #SBIreg . You #hashtag as it is mind the upper and lower cases, put space after hashtag. Example is given below – 

#SBIreg 34469636473                                                   

After sent the DM, you get reply that OTP has been sent to you registered Mobile number and you need DM #regOTP . Kindly check you register mobile number note the OPT received and DM with correct hashtag with the OTP. For example in my case I received the OTP and DM as below- 

#regOTP 90921934                                                           

After Authentication with OTP you will get DM in your twitter account that you have successfully register on twitter for banking with SBI. You will also get sets of Instruction on how to use Twitter #hashtag for banking. For example You can Check you balance by just DM @TheOfficialSBI #SBIBal as in my case –

#SBIBal 34469636473                                                    

After this, you will get reply with the balance in your account! Take a look at Screenshot at below.

The Screenshot here is taken on Twitter APP on Android, while you are free to user SBI Mingle on twitter on any platform via app or using browser. Just have to use the DM feature of Twitter. I here have shown only the Balance enquiry, you should try the other banking Transactions.

Improvement in Technology is key for development of Human Race. First, It was Internet that bring human closer then it was social media that bought many thoughts to one place. Twitter is one of the Places where you are free to express your views to the world.  SBI utilized the power of Twitter to grab social media attention on their business.

Services to add up in Future

In Future SBI Customer can able to do the following thing with SBI MINGLE on Twitter –
  • Cheque book request 
  • Stop Cheque payment
  • Registration for Mobile Banking
  • Registration for Internet Banking
  • SMS alerts
  • Blocking of ATM/Debit cards (One of the key feature most useful for all customers in case of lost of the cards.)

Final Thoughts

There is SBI MINGLE Android App, though it is just facebook app of SBI not worthy for Twitter users. This service is very good a far as SBI is concern but it still have many miles to go when comare to private companies like ICICI, KOTAK and Axis who have edge over Public sector banks on Social media.

Customer Support

You can tweet to SBI for any help regards to SBI MINGLE on Twitter. You can contact via E-mail -, give a call at 022-27592092 for any queries.

Hope You like the article and able to do easily SBI MINGLE registration on twitter. Share you views via comments.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Looking to Buy an Apartment in Sarjapur Road

Hey Folks are you in search of Apartments in Bangalore?

Bangalore/Bengaluru is well know for it climate, it also have rich culture and diversity. There are many Multi National Companies that have headquarter in different location of Bangalore. There are many IT companies like IBM, Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, Accenture, Wipro, Infosys, TC, Tech Mahindra situate at multiple location in Bangalore. Like IBM is at Manyata Tech park, Subramanyam Arcade, Golf Link Business park, Golden Enclave, Prasad Technology Park etc. Different locations like Hebbal, Bannerghatta Road, Banashankari, Airport Road, Whitefiled etc. Bangalore is best place for IT professionals with these and many other software companies operating in the area.

As Population growing and many people coming Bangalore in search of Jobs particularly IT jobs the demands of Home is growing. There are many apartments for sale in bangalore in different location of Bangalore. One of Place which I prefer is Sarjapur road, which is one of the growing location Bangalore. As we are going to see new projects from Indian IT giants - Wipro and Infosys who is going to invest in the area, sarjapur has became hot destination for property investment.

If you want to buy a home bangalore, sarjapur road will be a good choice. Buy a Luxury Apartments in Sarjapur Road and aviale the all location at great proximity to your new home. You will find many education institutes close to you homes. There are many Schools and Colleges in the area. For shopping it a great place since there are many shopping complexes as well as Malls in the close by area. For health medicine shops as well Hospitals are in large no in the area. You can entertain yourself with Multiples as well as other cinemas and entertainment zones in sarjapur road.

Sarjapur road is one of ideal location for investment in property. I would suggest to go for investment in this area which is going to give you a good ROI.