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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Twitter delivering 350 millions tweets per day!

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In it one of the tweet on the official Twitter Engineering account Twitter had said that they are serving 350 Millions of tweets per day!. A quite amazing fact releases by the social giant who turn 5 on 15th of the month. 
They say like-
" Delivering 350 billion Tweets a day is a terribly fun engineering challenge. But, it doesn't capture how passionate our users are. "
While Twitter had already claimed in another tweet of it official Twitter account about it user base
" Yesterday, we saw more than 600,000 signups. It took us more than *16 months* to reach the first 600,000 Twitter accounts. "

Twitter also says,  on first day 15 july 2006  "224" tweets were sent by the users. Now the same no of tweets are sending in less than ten of the seconds.  On the 11 of the month twitter on  it post tell about  1 millions Twitter application Registration. Thus the 5 year of journey is giving the better environment to the micro-blogging. Twitter from time to time had improved in it stability, versatility, performance,  availability ,power as well ease to usability. Though Twitter had faced competitiveness from many of it competitor like the Facebook, Google etc. it had shaped it growth nicely on the web.
One point is is noticeable that the announcement of twitter came just 1 day after Google post about it 2 week New social venture.

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