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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Google+ will defeat Twitter-LinkedIn in US

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Google Plus
Google+ is growing at an immense rate with already more than 25 millions users. Now a report has came that in a year Google+ will surpass Twitter and LinkedIn to be the second best networking site after Facebook. The fact came from the survey conducted by Bloomberg and YouGov from 1003 online US resident with age of 18+ from july 29 to august 2.
Google+ has 13% of US adult user and will have more of about 9% in coming week likely to hit 22% in a year of US population. While Facebook will loose it user volume by 2% to reach at 69% of US population but Twitter and LinkedIn will grow as usual and both will have  20% of total US population.
The study in the survey also said that  "30%  of user (use both Fb and G+) say they plan to cut the time they spend on Facebook. However, 31% of Google+ users say they’ve abandoned their Google+ accounts or never posted anything on them".
The report also suggest that, among the 45% of respondents who signed up for Google+ said they read content on the site every day. For Facebook, the figure was 62% while for Twitter it was 42% and for LinkedIn only 8%.

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