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I am small boy dream to become big!!!!!!!!! I like to be a web developer, it my dream now n also seems to be mine future profession. Computer is a body part of me,I can't live without it.I plays with software n want more to come...... rest is best for u ................

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  1. hellow sir i want do a open GL mini project on the topic "FLOOR MILL SIMULATION" pls send me instruction to

  2. Hi
    sir i wanted do open GL mini project for my CG lab on "Working of leaky bucket (Networking)" and "Demonstrate encryption using RSA". pls can you send me instruction to . And if you have any other idea on Computer Networking

  3. sir,
    i am a 6th semester cse student studying in MITE. For the cg mini project i hav taken up an idea based on demonstration of seismic waves in tsunami. presently i am clueless, I kindly request you to help me out in the source code, And guidance on from where to begin my project.


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  6. hello sir ..
    i am a student of 6th sem BE cse. i am doing 3D staffroom as my cg project. can i get source code for 3d staffroom with table-chair, books stand as well. please if you could provide the code it would be very helpful for me.. if you can help out with this then please send the code to
    thanking you


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