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Friday, September 9, 2011

Pay Per Call Local Ads in Chitika

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Pay Per Call Local Ads in Chitika
Chitika one of the  web- based advertisement company based in Westborough, Massachusetts introduced the pay per call local ad in it new ad format.

        "As advertiser demand heats up in the local sector, we are enhancing our ads to capitalize on these exciting (and lucrative) new revenue models. Pay Per Call marks the latest addition to the Chitika local ad format

According to Chitika they feel that local ads are heating up and advertiser are willing to pay more for the local ad. As it is also thought that the advertiser are paying high for pay per call  over the clicks. Estimated amount is 2-20$+ as made by Chitika.

Due to fraud clicks, the pay per call is more effective way of advertisement which connect the consumer and manufacturers (services) closer to each. But unfortunate this type of ad is not more famous among the user and many neglect it.

What is pay per call ads?

The Pay per call ad (also known as 900 calls) are where the phone company bills the caller a fee which is passed on to the owner of the number called. This service for formaly was for charging per mintue for sex calls on the phone. Google intoduced it in 2005 on web.With the web based PPCall service however, the call fee is charged to the merchant and paid to the web service provider for connecting the consumer to the advertised number.
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