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Friday, May 27, 2011

New People widget in Gmail Enhance your email experience

Google is working hard to improve its email service i.e Gmail, Recently we had seen interoperability of Gmail and aim and the New important markers in Gmail. Now Gmail team has come up with a new idea of Widget. They had named the widget as 'People Widget', as name suggest the widget will shows the emails, buzz, conversations, chats, docs, calenders of the person in user's contact. Now all the relevant informations will be shown in context with this widget. The widget as you see in image above appears in right corner. This Widget also allow to make different groups of the contacts and create group email, group chat, make group meet-schedules etc.

The image above is a sample for the widget, as we can see the different categories displays in the contact above. It includes the profile picture and a little info. First we see buzz and then in email section, the recent emails is shown and calender shows the recent availability and the recently made documents in doc section. The buttons above in the name area allow you to create mail directly from there and so you can chat, video chat, phone(for us only) from there. The pushdown button show more options for the user. 

Good Point to the widgets:
  • Gmail now have option for the Group chatting this will be more helpful.
  • The context display of important in formation about the particular person will
  • Prevent frustration of searching the information including emails.
  • Better organization of email within.
  • Better experience in dealing with group of peoples
  • Easy to share and connect with the Friend, family etc.
Negative points:
  • Except bulkiness i don't think any negative point toward it
  • But some people might feel it like social network rather than a personal email.
The service will be soon available to each one within a week. Google is trying to give it user a better experience to have with the Gmail. How you like it, let me know by puttin your comment !


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