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Friday, May 20, 2011

Gmail Chat & AIM

Now Chat to your Aim Buddies without sign from your Aim account in gmail. With the new partnership of Google and Aol You will be able to chat directly to Aim from gmail. You just have to add the contract list in the gmail and rest is all your. just use Aim user name and start chatting like
The new instant messenger interoperability feature from both Google and Aol is just not limited to the gmail chat but you could use it in other services provided by Google like iGoogle, Orkut and Google talk. Now if you have worry for the alots of contact that need to get in gmail and do not want to do it manually aol has made the tool for it , so don't have to worry. Also After it you will not sign in to Aim in gmail.This combine effort will help both the companies to increase their instant messenger user base.


  1. i like google for search but it bad as traces all information, hence i prefer yahoo though it going worser..........

  2. i will experince it sooner and tell here how i like as i am new to internet , i had gmail on mobile


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