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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Gmail markers

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Gmail is gearing up now with many changes. Recently we sawed Aim interoperability in Gmail chat now we see new features which will allow user to put markers on the emails. The New! Marker will allow User to mark an  email  with important and non-important category as per their wish. The two marker '+' and '-' will now appear in the above bar in Gmail which allow user to mark their email based on their importance.
The Gmail will marked the important unread message with a yellow arrow and gray marker indicate important and read emails. Aside of this user can marks and unmarked these with button as mention above. Gmail will also tell you the reason for the marking an email as important, mouse hover on the marker and read the main reason. The important tab also there in left panel along with inbox, buzz, labels, Stared etc which have all important marked emails. This feature is like part of the Priority Inbox and hence can be enable  and disable from there in the Gmail Setting. It is now helpful for us but still need to have some variation over here with flagging system.
Search Operator "is:important". 

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