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Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Dravid Played well Scored 43 of 32 ball


Rahul Dravid played a Good inning and let win his team. In the encounter of Mumbai and Jaipur Rahul made a slow start but at last he made up and hit 43 runs out of 32 balls he played with 6 4's. He played the inning with the strike rate of 134.37.
The most memorable thing is that he hit the winning run by hitting the ball to the boundary. 
I love to see him doing well and scoring runs. He is my ideal cricket and i like to be play cricket like what he do. The age factor had let him down but i am with him and will favor always. Don't worry Dravid I am with you. 
One thing about the match Rahul bluss the last runs for the Rajasthan, he was at 18(21) and then reaches 43 of 32 which means he scored 25 of 11 more of 200 strike rate. Good luck Dravid 


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