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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Google easter egg for winter "let it snow

Google is know for the funny Easter eggs, the tricky programming. In this winter as Christmas is coming Google had made another Easter egg for it users. This Easter egg is all the season of winter on Google search page.
 Go to Google search page and type "let it snow", then you will see the snow flakes coming out from top. Slowly you will see the cloud covering the entire search page. The frosting of page look quite beautiful to me. After whole page get covered with frost, a defrost button will appear to removes the clouds. Even defrosting the page will not stop the falling of snowflakes. This is great from Google! enjoy your snow with Google!.
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  1. He you can write you name there..... had you tried???
    Must try you all....

  2. Thanks for so many comments!!!!

    well i looked around the photos in which you wrote the name with snow.
    Thanks for the tip!

  3. badrinath k, man too had wrote my name on it. Good one. But i like if google had made it more funnier.


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