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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Google search magic with easter eggs like "do a barrel roll"

Roll the search page 

"do a barrel roll", just  type it on search box at Google and press enter to view the page rolling. This can be done with "z or r twice" also.

Tilt the search page

There are two Keywords that will turn the page slightly  from it original position. use either "Askew" or  "Tilt" to search and you will find that the search result page has tilted from it position.

The Calculator

Google search itself act like a calculator it will give you any mathematics problem get solved. There are few of the result that comes out from calculator is little strange. Type in search box " the loneliest number" , it will give the value of one  " the loneliest number = 1" similar is with "(e^(pi * i)) + the loneliest number" which give "(e^(pi * i)) + the loneliest number =0".
Now very interesting thing that is most amazing that produce from Google search. Type "the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything" and see the result yourself.

Wrong suggestion by Google

If you going to search for the recursion then what you will see? Yes the search results or what? Beside that a suggestion appear that ask you  "Did you mean recursion" though you didn't spell wrong. Another one is  "anagram", so when you search it on Google, it ask "Did you mean: nag a ram".

Fall in absence of Gravity

Type "Google gravity" then hit "I'm feeling lucky" then you will going to see a magical thing really! All the things that you see at the above in bar along with the Google search box all fall below and stuck there. This is happen due to lack of gravity (that what they call off).


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