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Monday, December 19, 2011

Google MobileMoves make your phone a cool device

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Mobile Moves apps allow user to get in touch with various Google's service they use while on move. It allow use to stay connected with other and access various information from the Google's Products. It make Your phone a device with awesome features. You can use search any information, check your emails, chat with friends, or get the directions for your car.
MobileMoves is a funnier application for phones what one have to do is to just sing-in with Google ( and download the various apps including Search, Gmail, Gtalk, Maps, Google+ and You tube. Then use these services and make your moves with Google using your phones. Isn't it cool.

This isn't new but Google a made a website for it where you can upload a video of your mobilemoves which is usualy how you use you mobile with Google. Check out Google MobileMoves and share you videos while making a move.

Check out the way you do!!!

First make a mobile move at top, or on yellow "get famous..."

allow the Google permission

Now choose an apps which you want to make mobile move. I chooses search.


Now Fill the information about the video, you want to move with.

Select the video from a link or upoad from your computer. I linked my You tube video.

And all we go you will come with finish, congrats screen.

Watch the video!!!!

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