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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Window8 will have picture passwords

Microsoft in it blog, says that they will build are building the technique to let user login via "picture", i.e pictures will be used as passwords.

The picture password need gesture and hence work on touch devices like smart-phones, tablets or touchscreen PCs. It record the way of the gesture, it movement and as it is start and end points.
Persons using picture as password will have to point out the specific gesture on the picture they use. There are three ways allowed, by pointing a gesture over particular are, or drawing a line from one point to another, or draw a circle. These all will record the start and end with correction directions.  This will provide better security as well as memorability for the user.
According to Microsoft picture passwords are more secure than ordinary pins. They describe fully the way the picture passwords works with deatled about how they are more secure and less vulnerable to crack.


  1. Can you stop the auto-playing of video. It will help visitor. Quite annoying man! Allow user to play and it shouldn't play with loading of page.

    By the way nice article.

  2. that's good things but like the metro UI more


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