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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Army Interview: My first Job Interview


"On 3rd of the this month I was very nervous fearful and little worry but why??? 
Because it was my first job interview"

INDIAN Army came in our college to recruits people for the technical jobs in the army. Many of us were preapred for it and was little nervous. There were more than 100  students present to give interview. We had to sit in seminar hall in the Ad block. We were present there waiting for the process to start.
The processing was simple. Three man officers, came to take interviews. First of we have welcome them and then the process get started. First Major Rakesh start the proceedings with the introduction presentation. In the presentations he shows the life at the INDIAN army and the various activities that an army personal have to do and have to undergo. He also listed the work and duty of an army person toward it nation as well ass the people of the country.We have training and other activities also listed. He also shows the various facilities that army give along with the benefit of the army. He talked about the selection process and various ways of selections and the pay scale for the army. Much more of were talked about the army to make us aware of what we have to do if we enter there.
After the presentation interview were taken. People came and go as me go after many and like me other also got the few ideas what they are talking about. what they are asking about. How it going on. what to do.

My Interview

Now came to the Interview  which I given. At the begining before I was in,  I shivering alot, sweats were following from my hands. I entered the room closed door and wishes him he asked to sit, I got seated. My interview was taken by Lt. Colonel Rajiv Bhatia.

First of he asked me about why I wan join INDIAN army???  I ans wered the three things-
  1. I wan serve the nation
  2. I wan make my Father proud
  3. The royal life the army give
Next he asked me about my father and his army background. What ever I know I give him. I provided almost all the ans with confidence that he asked me about my father and the related things about the army. He also asked me had I seen the Tanks. Crazy question I feel that. After the words about the army and my Father he asked about my hobby and interest. I told him those things and then he argue about the use of computer in the army. I told him frankly what ever I know and want to tell him.
The last question was that if there is no computer what will you do in army. I answered, I will do the same things what you will trained me for.


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