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Thursday, December 29, 2011

In class one at Lalpania, Bokaro

I am remembering  those days of my childhood, when I tasted my life in honey. Though quite a long time has passed but, I have few stills in my mind.  Most of things i had forgot about my childhood. The memory that make me feel good are still there, may be they are few only.

Memory and life
One of the good memory, I am remembering now ia about, when I was in class one at DAV Public School, Lapania. I started my study there. I was good at math and always had scored 25 of 25 in there which only few of them do. We were taught by a lady teacher and she used to wear eye glasses and was sweet.
Once in the class she(my math teacher) came late, children were shouting and playing and many of them fight among themselves also. When she entered still many didn't noticed him but slowly all sit to their seats. She star teaching, off-course first she asked about the home work and only few (excluding me) had done it. She got angry, asked what punishment student need for not doing what she told. She told each of them will be sticked hard with a strong thick stick. She told, she will beat them 20 times. All children start shouting, she speaks aloud but not one was listening then. All go mad, they shout loud. To hold them up and for a funny purpose, she go out of class and bring the hammer. Yes! the hammer by which peon used to rang the bell. She with hits the desk with hammer hardly. There was silent for a moment, then she laugh a little and all start laughing. It was crazy to laugh, every student were laughing ha! ha! ha!. She then told us a stories till the peon comes to ask for the hammer to ring the bell. She end the class by telling to complete the homework.

I know, I have no memory of more than this. I will not recognizes her if she comes in front. I don't have her face in my mind. Anyway, she was good and think she still would be live and would be in a good situation.


  1. Nice one!!!!! A good spot of sweet memory from heart.

    When you last seen you math teacher whom you talking?

  2. @kundan raj yeah a sweet memory!

    I think last day i would have seen my math teacher perhaps in the last day of math class or may be in examination final examination of class 1. There after i think she left the school.


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