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Saturday, August 27, 2011

ethnus training day-2

Today in the two sessions of the training we got have the quantitative. In the first hour we deal with the various aspects of problems related to the time,speed, distance, trains, streams. The problem was not that hard but required basic skills. They told the tricks and tips to solve the problem faster as well as in better man without getting confused.
Second session was about the profit and loss with percentage as well. The easy to make problems including the little tricky as well. Again different concepts were talk off and problem were treat with tricks.

Last they give the problem to solve as below

with all letter represt number between 0-9 find what they are?


  1. interesting question post the solution too here plz......interesting question post the solution too here plz......

  2. Where is solution man?????

  3. Its gud if u r gvng solutn too...


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