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Sunday, October 2, 2011

[Infographic] The History of Sunglasses

Sunglasses are now part of the fashion of Today's life, almost each of us used to wear sunglasses with various purposes. Some use it for looking smart, some wear while riding bikes. Main purpose of the sunglasses also serve with the protection of eye from the Sun.
There are various design of sunglasses available in the market with many leading companies like of Rayban produced costly and attractive sunglasses. In the movies we see the actors and actress used to wear various colored and beautifully designed sunglasses. Public those who watch inspired with that and want to have one. Many time sunglasses add charm in our smartness and beauty.
There is long history of evolution of sunglasses from centuries we have different types of sunglasses and with the advance in technology the purpose and use of the sunglasses go vast. Below is the whole history of the Sunglasses.

History of sunglasses


  1. Good one!
    Image quality is lacking

  2. @kundan
    yeah image is not so clear

  3. Interesting infographic I found a new style that is interactive have you seen this type before it is also about the history of sunglasses.

    1. thanks for sharing such great content!
      i recommend to visit the link it amazing


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