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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Last day at ethnus training

ethnus day3
Today's was the lest day of the First phase of training.
In first session they told how to behave deal with an interview. How to make most out of you that is the motive. They boost our level of confidence to make us prepare for the Personal Interview (PI). Second was how to go with Technical round and the basic things should be with us for that. project and their importance too were discussed. And then was HR round, what to tell impress the HR and what to avoid they told us. Different aspects and the various known questions were discussed in funny manner.
They also told about the resume and show the sample for it. How to fill it and make best impression with short is aim as they told. Then coverd the check list for the interview.
Second session was deals with again the quantitative. In that they taught us about the the cube problem, no of pieces and the cuts. Also they taught about the analytic reasoning and how to handle it easily without wasting time. Many problem were illustrated and were tricked to solve.
Offcourse fun was there with alots of motivation and enthusiasm. They fill the level of confidence as well. The last day so all happening things bye and so . Filled the feedback for them too.


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