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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Try April Fools Day prank Apps in your device

April Fools Day is celebrated all across the world. This day people play practical joke with their friends and family. You can use your phones to make funny pranks. There are some good Apps for making your friends and family fool. Try out these apps for Android and iPhone.
  • Solar Charger 
  • Smell Scanner 
  • Naked Scanner Free
  • Fart sound board
  • Ghost Detector
  • A Scary Prank Too
  • Atomic Fart FREE
  • Fake-A-Call
  • Top 20 Pranks from Howcast
  • Ghost Capture

Top April Fools Day Apps for Android

Free Apps

  • Solar Charger : This App let your Android device get charged with the sunlight, actually it not but those people who are not tech-savy may fall in prey for this. It has some cool feature of like vibration while charging.  "Go green! Charge your phone with the power of the sun! ". 

Download Link :  Solar Charger
  • Smell Scanner :  Tell your friends that you phone can detect smell and them fool. Embarrassed your friends with this app by taking the phone over their body with smell alert. Quite a good prank with some fun around.
Download Link :  Smell Scanner

  • Naked Scanner Free :  Prank your friends that you can see them naked. A little fun to make with your friends with this app. hahah!

Download Link :  Naked Scanner Free
  • Fart sound board: This app has a lot of fart sounds on different boards. You can use this app to embarrass your friends publicly.
Download Link : Fart sound board 
  • Ghost Detector : If You know someone who believe in ghosts or scare of them, try this app to show them that ghosts are nearby to him. It would be funny to scare them first and then tell the truth. Caution : Don't try if some one too weak to handle it!
Download Link : Ghost Detector

Top April Fools Day Apps for iPhone

Free Apps

  • A Scary Prank Too : Scare your friends with this app. Pass it off as the most challenging puzzle of all times. Your friends need to spot differences between two pictures but as soon as they start concentrating on them, a scary zombie pops up!
Download Link : A Scary Prank Too

  • Atomic Fart FREE : This is Fart app which produces fart sounds. This app contain some good features like a fart drums, simon farts,  timed farts and fart memory game. One additional feature added is  a remote fart detonator which allow - "Connect to other iPhones/iPads/iPod Touches to remotely detonate your farts!"
Download Link : Atomic Fart FREE

Paid Apps

  • Fake-A-Call : Fake-A-Call will let your iPhone receive a fake call, i.e. call from someone who is actually not calling you. This App allow you to set the name and number to be displayed, along with the time interval, after which the fake call will get activated.

Price : $ 0.99
Download Link : Fake-A-Call

  • Top 20 Pranks from Howcast : This app will instruct you  how to prank some one with step by step instruction in fully detailed videos. This app do not make pranks but give you ways to make pranks or fool other.
Price : $ 0.99
Download Link : Top 20 Pranks from Howcast
  • Ghost Capture :  Like the  Ghost Detector you can scare people with this iPhone app that places bogus images of your photos. The pictures you can take freshly or  use already taken image. Options of  a total of 40 "ghosts"  is available to choose from. 
Price : $ 0.99 (Free version also available) 

Download Link : Ghost Capture


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