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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Role the technology play in music


In past the creation of music seems to be the divine arts and only basic instruments are used in the creation of a good pleasant music. The instrument are primitive and human hand made only. But now we have seen a lots of changes in the modern music and the musical instruments. We have varieties of  instruments available. As like other music too had gone through the impact of the changes in the technology. The trend in technology also had its effect on the music and the composition of it. Now Musician heavily depend on the technology to create a sound track or beats. Technology also had made the change in voice as well. Use of technology had grown up and will go much higher. We have varieties of sound can be created with a single keyboard. Today music had became loud and fast too and this is due to the technology only.

There are varieties of instrument used in sharping a good sound. From the different kinds of electronics pianos to guitars violin and multi-sound generating keyboard. The use of logic too is a great advance. The use of workstation x-station, different amplifiers sound-mixers with different no of channels, electronic drum kits  line 6-8 gearboxes and different plug-in likes Ring shifters Multipressor, Space Designer, EXS24, EVP88, e.t.c along with sculptures.

We have many software's here to do the editing work.For Example we have the cubase to get the desirable pitch and the perfect mixing. The Drum machine too had which create the sound like the actual physical drums.  Sound refiner as well as mixing and softner too there is for the purpose of editing the track.

The technology is also spread by the Band and the orchestra performer and due them the new and new instrument had came and get popular. 

A little about Cubebase

The Cubebase is one of the music software, that has been developed by Steinberg to help musician in the better recording and editing of the music that they compose. It is Digital Audio Workstation with varieties of option for mixing, arranging, editing , composing, creating and developing the great musical sounds.

Cubebase was first used in 1989 with the name cubit, which got changed due to some issues of copyright. Since then it is widely used DAW. It had gone under various changes with many version as well as it's portability and the flavoured to be used on different operating system. Cubase 6.0 is the latest version which was released in January 2011.


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