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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Create Android apps with AppsGeyser



AppsGeyser is a web platform to create the Apps for Android. They allow three type of Apps to be made.
1. Use the mobile website 2. Web widget 3. Content of any website.

AppsGeyser allow user to created the Apps for Android easily without any hassle. Just need to signup and create the Apps for Android. They provide very simple platform for user to create the apps. User can create  the apps and share it to the various media to get traffic. AppsGeyser also allow user to monetize thier apps which they had created.


1. Easy to created the apps.
2. Very simple way of creating apps.
3. Monetize the apps.
4. Good and easy to handle apps interface.
5. Can edit and make changes in apps any time.

Video Demo



  1. I am going to try this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    frreee apps for android

  2. Great site where you can have your own free apps

  3. i eager to have one named me

  4. hey can' t get one as it required 25$ for android market registration.hey can' t get one as it required 25$ for android market registration.

  5. Full disclosure I helped to create Andromo.

    You should check out Andromo ( another free app maker. In my opinion, and I’m obviously biased, Andromo is the best free app maker out there.

    We've got a lot of activity types and are looking on adding more in the future. E.g. We have an Audio activity that should be released soon (

    If you do decide to try it out, feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


  6. @Mark Mruss thax buddy, Andromo is another good choice for the user well i am happy to see you shared it with us!


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