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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Finance managament apps for iPhone

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There are several kinds of apps for iPhone in the iStore which falls under different categories. Different apps have different purpose. When it comes to money management we fall short. We spent more on some items and less on other, we never justify our investment in proper way. Even sometime we go over-budget, which causes us problem.To solve these and other problems, the solution is to have money management app.

iPhone have best apps that helps in managing the money. These apps helps in tracking of all the expenses, budgeting the expenses, paying bills,  Lets talk about these  finance management apps for iPhone.


Mint let you see your balances and transactions both on the web as well as through the app, till you connected to internet. The account signup (with email and zip code )  is very easy, similarly other setups take not much of your time. Once provided with all the information of banks accounts, credits cards etc, it will shows the balance information at one place quickly. It is free to use and allow to setup your goals for fiance management. Merchant categorization is good but if you find your financial accounts it took much time to add. 

Security of mint is protected and validated by VeriSign and TRUSTe. It works in read only mode so chance of money fraud  is very less.


  • Simple and use less processing power.
  • It automatically categorizes the transactions.
  • Provides alerts and push notification facility.
  • It geo-tags every  transactions using Google places.
  • Shows spenses in the charts and graphs.


  • Can't transfer within the accounts.
  • Didn't let changes the budget limit within the app.
  • Lack many feature compared to web app.
Link : Mint


To use Adaptu one have to either signup first via web or download app and signup via mobile. The profile setup ends with 4 digit numeric pin. Though it is free to use have many feature like of spending forecasts, track royalty programs, images of cards etc. This work on most of the financial vendor with quick display of bills, credits, points balances at once. With spending charts it let work on cash flow and help in predicting the month's income and expenditures.

Adaptu provides bank-level security with AES 256-bit encryption which is verified by TRUSTe, VeriSign and MacAfee.

Pro :
  • It is ads free
  • Provides spending forecasts, helps in prediction.
  • Keep the track on the royalty programs if provided.
  • Stores the images of the business cards, security cards, insurances etc.
cons :
  • Less user' friendly interface.
  • Navigation problems in the app.
  • Provides very less fanicail accounts to link with profile unlike other apps.
Link : Adaptu


It comes in both paid premium version and the free version. The free version contains banner ads at the top, while the premium version called  'Pageonce Gold' costs $4.99 a month. Pageonce has very good UI which allow to add important balances to show directly on  Home screen. It allow synchronization of different accounts like banks,credit cards, bills, insurance, loans, and travels. It also allow to add  bills and payments manually.

It is uses 4 digit pin to as security password. It encrypt the data and transaction at very high level (bank level), which is verified by McAfee, TRUSTe, and Verisign. It does not store any of the personal data on the phone.

Pro :
  • Easy to use and experience.
  • Fast setting of the app to get started with.
  • Free version is available.
  • Not store any personal information on Phone.
cons : 
  • No direct way to add PayPal account.
  • Slow in updating the balance.
  • Premium app is not much good from the free version.
Link: Pageonce

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