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Friday, January 13, 2012

First Look at Microsoft Social Network,

Microsoft launches, it's Social network for Students in mid December last year with limited access. As previously stated, it use Facebook Login to sign in to the site. Today I got, the invitation from them and without wasting time I accept the invitation and Login to socl with my Facebook account. Then I think to give a first look on it. See the Welcome screen below in the image.

As, You can see It display Facebook profile pic as Socl profile pic. It has all the feature what Facebook have along with what new feature in Google+ (like of editing the post after sharing). You can invites upto 10 of your friends.

It has a posting bar, which allow user to share status or search internet along with a button which let choosing between the public and private posting. There as home page box on it and you can see the notification in the right most corner, with a box left to the profile pic near the name.

In left, use can choose the feeds that they want to see from either fro everyone or from just those whom you follow or just your feeds. The search will let you search web,images, videos etc using Bing search. The videos parties will let you create the parties or view you old parties or join to new one created by other. The party can be created by the link at right. The profile link is also in left, it shows you all activity including the status, searches and the videos parties you have posted or participated in. 

There is a slide which changes randomly with different user's update that they posted along with the profile of user. This shows important updates or famous one. When can edit a post that you shared it which can be embedded as well as shred on Facebook too. Tagging a post let you tag any post.


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