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Friday, December 16, 2011

Microsoft launched social network socl focusing on students

Microsoft finally launched it's social network (which was mistakely revelated earlier), called as "social".  It is not what we all can call the Microsoft version of  Facebook, but it is social network for the student which use Facebook connect to join. Microsoft Research’s FUSE Labs bring out this and it is marked as experimental. is experimental research project mean for students in information and design schools at the University of Washington, Syracuse University, and New York University. Meanwhile more other schools will be added in the future as service expands.

According to Microsoft, is mean for the students studying the social media, which will help them spread their educational knowledge and share, learn and communicate. They are allowed to make different post with photos, video, text, and more, and share it with colleagues. It also help in finding students with similar interest and let create community among the students with specific education goal. allow users to follow people, set up feeds, search, and more. searches can anything like of web, images and videos which will be powered by Bing. It let student build their own community and add varieties of information as they like. Microsoft supposes that, it help them learn more and concern more about connecting the students with similar interest, which need not only the academics. had been taken from Fuse labs project, which help in compilation of photos and videos easier.It is an content-aggregation project Montage that enables authoring of a visual collage of images, videos, and stories. Montage influenced’s ability to let users quickly assemble content from a variety of sources to build pages about particular interests. A feature called “video party,”  which allows students get together to watch videos on the network.

See what  Lili Cheng, general manager of FUSE Labs, says about the

“If you’ve ever used a social network, it’s a comfortable experience,”. “We expect people to continue using their favorite social network and search tools, and we hope that, by experimenting with how search and social networking can be combined, more people experiment with tools we already take for granted.”

Source: Microsft research blog.


  1. Well i tried to login with facebook but it says "overcapacity".
    Any problem or it is not allowed to use for students in India?

  2. It will say over capacity as only few schools are are allowed.


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