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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

RezScore let you Analyse your Resume

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A good jobs is all we want but to have a good job we need to present our self well with our acquired skills and knowledge. First thing any employer see is the resume, so every job seeker must have resume that match his power of thinking and educational qualification. All you job seeker, there is a better tool to help you find jobs according to your perspective with improvement in your resume.

rezscore result

RezScore, is an online free application that helps you analyse your resume. There are many websites that helps you get the different sample of resume to help you build your own but no one care about the things that is lacking or need improvement. RezScore provides you the things that is need to be added or remove from your resume. It helps you by providing the correct analysis of your resume and provide needed improvement.

To get started, go to and in the homepage of the site, upload your resume and get the analysis of your resume. This free tool will provides you grade of your resume (stars from A+) with details information about the strong fields. If any improvement is needed it provides you necessary suggestion. The percentile score will let you know where your resume stands from those among the finest resume. RezScore tells about depth of the resume with detailed report on skills analysis, area of recommendation for improvement & scores on relevant skills.

RezScore also allow to post your resume on thier website, with sharing it on social media. They offers, their own well experienced resume writer to makeover your resume. You can also check, jobs based on the different skills with their skills explorer. I think it is very nice tool, what is you opinion with regards to RezScore, do put you comment and let me.

Link: RezScore

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