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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Singaporean spend more time on Facebook

Time spend on Facebook
Singaporean are one who spend most of their time on Facebook. According to a survey conducted by Experian Hitwise, People of Singapore used to stay about 38 min and 46 sec on Facebook per session. The result is analysed for the August 2011.

INDIA is at 7th spot with a average per session time spend on Facebook around 20 min 21 sec just above the Brazil where Orkut is the most visited social Networking site (about 43% of market share). Facebook has  the fasted growing in INDIA with the market share rose by 88% till Aug 2011 as compared to 2010. While Orkut is most visited in Brazil but there is drop of 18% in their market share while meantime Facebook gained 16% there. In US Facebook has 91% (gained 5% in a year) of the market while Twitter hold around 2% of the visit where Facebook.

Now the Social Network became the most time pass on Internet. There are more than thousands of the Social networking sites (3,245 in Brazil and 9,000 in the UK). It also analysed that most of the Singaporeans 1 in 4 (18%) used to visit more than one social networks.

Market share of Social Networks


  1. data is quite amazingdata is quite amazing

  2. oh really that too much around for the people not with people but with machines...... it not talk of people to people but a machine to another.


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