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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Twitter acquired Julpan, started by Guy who added Orion to Google search algorithm

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Twitter acquired Julpan
 Julpan acquired by Twitter founded by Ori Allon,  who add search algorithm called Orion into the Google Search.
Julpan had been started by Ori Allon and his team a year ago which was motivated toward focusing what user used to post in the social media and the search integration with it.
While announcing the aqustion their website the Ori Allon (calling himself as former CEO of Julpan) describe the mutual benefit of the both Twitter and  Julpan with their meeting. The intergation of Jupan in Twitter will help twitter in its realtime search as well as analyzing the  data that user used to share.

How much the deal cost is not disclosed but all the 12 people at Jupan will work for twitter at New York office, where Julpan is based and Ori Allon will be Director of Engineering at Twitter.

Ori Allon while doing his PHD in 2006 discoverd an algortihm called "Orion" which was acquired by Google and added ot the main stream of Google search algorithm. Upto 2010 Ori Allon worked at Google and was part of the team which added this algorithm to the search. After he quit he founded Julpan last year.


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