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Thursday, September 22, 2011

KKR qualified for champions league main round

Sharukh with Breet Lee
KKR make Shah rukh happy by qualifying for champions league. KKR in-spite of loss to Somerset in the the qualifying round at Champions League get in to play in the main round along with Trinidad and Tobago and Somerset.

In the First qualifier match with Auckland Kolkata won the match beating them by a small margin of 2 runs. In the second qualifier Kolkata lost to Somerset with 11 runs.

The two match which KKR played was not good for them even the win that was there in first match is just a luck. KKR need to improve alot as big teams are coming. In first they scored 121 and second 155 so there is need of improvement in batting so far bowling is not that bad. Key players like Kallis, Pathan should score for KKR then only the will able to win.


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