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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Facebook News feed get better for friends updates

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It less 48 hours for the F8 developer conference, Facebook the social giant rolled out a new update to news feed. Facebook had merged the traditional news feeds that is ‘Top Stories’ (a feed of important stories ) and ‘Most Recent’ (a recent feed of activity of  friends) into single smarter and better feed. “Today’s updates are about not missing important updates in News Feed” says Facebook, Product Manager Keith Schacht.

What are the updates?
  • The feed important : It mean that you will not miss any update from your frined even you open your account after a quite long time. Facebook choose the feed according  to your activity as well as the important feed first.
  • "Ticker" officially open, the right sidebar updates: This is the live stream feed appear as it happen and current feed. If any of your friend likes something or post the notification appera immediately here and on mouse over you can see the content.
  • Re-sized the thumbnail of the photos: The photos in the feed will be now appear center and nicer with full apperance on mouse click. 

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