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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Export your Google voice personal data

Google Takeout an service that Google launched for the data liberation, so that user can easily access their online data. Google had implemented the data liberation which was one of their tactics with launched of Google+,  it's new social venture. Google allowed user to export their data which includes Buzz, contact and circles, photos from Picasa and profiles and streams. They allow user to download what they want to get and have separate type for each of the data.

Google voice

Now Google had added it's voice service Google Voice into the Google takeout where user can download their personal voicemails, phone nos, phone calls, greetings, call history, sms etc. This is latest Google dataliberation list and is good for the user's freedom for their online data. The voicemails and greetings can be downloaded as MP3s, while text messages(sms)  in  HTML and the phone nos as vcards.

            Before                                                            After

After Google  takeoutBefore Google  takeout



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