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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Multiple sign-in came to mobile for Gmail


Like what we have on the Desktop PCs we can sign-in to more than one Gmail. accounts, now it can be done on mobile too.  Today Gmail team announced that user can sign-in to many accounts at a time on Mobile device like they are able to do on PCs. This can be done by clicking on account switcher at bottom. The interface and using it is very silky and users can easily switches between the accounts. Thanks to HTML5 which make it all possible.
Though I am not using the Multiple sign-in feature but it will be beneficial for those who need to work with different mails for different purpose. Now this in mobile will make easy to use and access while on go.

Apart from this Gmail team added two new things to Mobile. This will make user to have better preference for using the Gmail on Mobile.

Mobile-specific signature: This feature allow user to understand the wrong spell in the emails. User can allow mobile-signature and can use to to understand the wrong spell words.

Vacation Auto-Responder: Now with mobile the Auto-responder can be set and with setting as per user need .


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