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Monday, September 19, 2011

Google Wallet arriving Today Nexus S 4G

Google wallet
Google recently posted the funny video for the Google wallet which featured George Costanza.This video was hint of the coming of Google wallet. TechCrunch leaked a documentation image (see here) which show that Google wallet is going to start from 19 September 2011(Monday)  i.e Today.
The Document leaked showed that Google wallet is available only for the Nexus S 4G Android Smart phones which is currently found on Sprint only.
Google use NFC sticker to tap and pay other phones but the launch of NFC is not quite clear. City Master card is still the only official partner in term of credit.
Also the Rumor is getting heat-up that Google in next month going to launch new Android Nexus phone also called as Droid Prime or Nexus Prime or Nexus Galaxy which had Near Field Communication (NFC) technology in it.
In May Google demoed the Google wallet with Citi MasterCard at the MasterCard Pay Pass outlets. It was supposed that Google will lanuched it this summer after it unvieling Google Wallet in may more like date was Sep 1st but Google keep it right by a little delay.

Leaked Document Showing launch of Google Wallet

Image credit: TechCrunch
Watch the video below which featured George Costanza making fun of the full wallet. The video title "Our first Google Wallet customer" is willing to tell that it time to say "Good-bye wallet " and start using the Google new invention.


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