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Sunday, September 18, 2011

HP Touchpad again in sell for $99

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After HP announced that they are discontinuing support for their webOS the HP TouchPad was sell out in market in 99$ for 16 Gb. It make horror among the user and demand go on high such that all the stock were sold soon.

Now HP had come up with a new announcement. According to TechCrunch an employee of HP receive a mail which stated that few of the HP TouchPad which are left will be available for employees and each of the them will get only one. The company is set to release a final batch of the $99/$149 HP TouchPads to employees starting September 28th at 9:00am PDT.

The HP TouchPad will be available only for employees on the first come, first serve basis with few of them  more like to be listed on the ebay. The cost is same $99 for 16 Gb and $149 for 32 Gb. The retails is not listed in the email which TechCrunch writer but according to him it will be good to keep eye on Best Buy, Amazon and HP’s website.

The $99 TouchPad Returns To HP’s Employee Purchasing Program On Sept 28th

Image-Credit: TechCrunch

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