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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Google shows PDFs in their search result

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PDF in Google search

Google will show PDfs in their search results now onward in more effective manner. The internet giant who had already started indexing PDFs since 2001 has indexed millions of PDFs. They had putted various question and the answer related to it the post.

In the blogpost Google admit that they will admit any PDFs of different languages in the search result. Google also says that they will treat the PDFs as the webpages and give ranking etc to them. If the PDF is having the quality good content then it sure they will appear upfront in the search result. 

Two problem related to the PDF in Google search

  1.  First the images in the PDF to be get indexed must have the html page. Hence there is problem of hassle with that page creation a bad thing.
  2. Second the link will not have 'nofollow' in the PDF. This may cause little worry for the content owner to pass traffic.
Google explained that the PDF owner who wan to remove or not to show their PDF in the search may opt for it. This can be done by adding  X-Robots-Tag: to the header of the server file. Also URL removal tool can be a handy to remove url fastly in Google Webmaster Tools

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