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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Google cleaning up their services

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Google is removing some of the services from it as they mentioned in the blogpost. Many of the Services are shutting down and some are merging with larger projects. This is company's new CEO Larry page aggressive way to have better organised Google products. Many of the product listed are not so used now-a-day or is not so successful. As Google is keeping it all eye on Google+, it feel this too is a part of same strategy.
List of Google Service to shut down
  1. Aardvark.
  2. Desktop
  3. Fast Flip
  4. Google Maps API for Flash
  5. Google Pack
  6. Google Web Security
  7. Image Labeler
  8. Notebook
  9. Sidewiki 
  10. Subscribed Links
Reason of Discontinuing the services:

  • Larry Page want an autonomous work for team operation to get better performance and speed.
  • Many of the products are less used
  • Many are to be get integrated to enhance the bigger product rather considering on smaller one.
  • Google+ the main demo for all kill.
  • Shutting down of labs

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