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Friday, September 2, 2011

Girl Sucide at IIT Patna

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Girl Sucide at IIT patna

A girl jumped from a hostel building at IIT Patna, after getting depressed with her performance. The Girl claimed to be Yalavarthi Sweeya an 21 year, from the Hyderabad.

She jumped form the Flat 401 of Sridev Apartment (which was temporary made as Girl's hostel) at Pataliputra Colony. She was spotted by the security guard and was taken to medical where she declared dead. People recovered fews things like mobiles, sunglasses from the roof where attempt the sucide.

According to her friend and relatives she was good student and did well to qualify for the IIT Patna. The mangement at IIT-P claims that she was bright student, scored 7.4 in previous exams but she might have higher expectation. Her friend told, she was depressed with her performance in exam. While the police is investigating the case her parent were informed.

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