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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Google+ to have twitter-like 'suggested user' feature

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Google is  'suggested user' into to it new social venture Google+. In a tweet  Bradley Horowit (VP Product, Google+) said that user with more than 100k twitter follower to direct message (DM) him to have the'suggested user'-like mechanism on Google+.

Google+ to have twitter-like 'suggested user' feature

The 'suggested user' feature is similar to what Twitter suggested user list introduced in 2001, which was quite controversial. Twitter improved it suggested user list by giving user freedom to create the more personalize list.
A part from the tweet that Horowit wrote there is no info about it. As Google had introduced verification badges which includes people having large no of follower so asking far this may mean if only these people will roll in the suggested user list.
In the reply to LauraGlu, Horowit tell that Google+ have long term relevant amazing idea in his tweet. What it mean? Is Google doing something to have unique feature that might be different from Twitter suggested user list?

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