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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Nokia Tune Remake contest offering 10000$

Nokia Tune Remake

Nokia tune, one of my favorite which has been a world-widely played and acceptedNokia now as they shifting from the Symbian to window-phone trying to re-brand the tune. Nokia signature tune which was introduced in 1994 had undergone several  mixing where it was change from mono-tune to ploy or a full mp3 or guitar string sound it had flavored many of them.

Now Nokia is changing it famous tune to something different, for that they had announced a contest on called 'Nokia Tune Remake'. Nokia had posted the contest which is powered by AudioDraft, where entries are accepted for the new Nokia tune. Composer first need to register and submit their tune which should be original mixed with Nokia tune and not longer than 30 secs. If you wish to be one to get your tune on Nokia phones, go register to

The Contest will end on 2nd of October and the winner will be awrded a cash prize of 10,000$. From all the entries that Nokia got 10 finalist will be selected, out of which 5 would be most voted and 5 picked by Judges on the 5th October. And lastly 5 finalist and winner will be selected by Judges on 7th October. The finalist each will get 1000$ and the free host of their tune on ovi store. Winner's tune will be incorporated in over 100 millions of Nokia cellphones and free ovi hosting. 

New tune that will win in the contest will get featured in the selected Nokia device that came in 2012.


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