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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Twitter enabled photo sharing for all users

Twitter the microblogging gaint has enabled the photo sharing feature which was introduced in june this year,  for all users. Twitter in its official account tweet about it.


A small camera button icon appears just left to location location sharing icon below the share box ( “What’s Happening?”)  which allows to uploads the images and pictures. The image will appears as a link. The preview of the image thumbnail  too appear before uploading. (this may not appear for few browsers). Due to image link, the maximum word count shrink to 119 from the regular 140.

camera icon

image thumbnail

All the image have their link associated to and every uploaded photos is hosted by  Photobucket. In the pane pic is adjusted according to fit and then displayed.

display panel

What will happen to the third party services like TwitPic? It is important question of concern and they surely die out with time. Twitter eating the applications based on its platform and one or another ways and this too is an example of that.

Watch the video from twitter 


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