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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Twitter sued Twittad over use of "tweet" in tagline

Twitter sued Twittad

In an complaint filed by Twitter, it alleged the use of word "tweets". Twitter sued Twittad, an online advertisment company over the use of word "tweets" in thier tagline " LET YOUR AD MEET TWEETS ".

Twitter in 2009  filed  to register the word "tweet" as its one of the trademark. Intention behind it is to not allow the third party developers to use the word "tweet". Since then thought Twitter didn't have succeeded much.

Though Twittad in no mood to fight and is silent feeling to have a middle path unlike what Twitter is aggressive in cancellation of the registration of “Let Your Ad Meet Tweets”. It said to TechCrunch:

“Twitter’s organic growth has taken many forms, including a widespread, dictionary-documented association of the word ‘Tweet’ with the use of Twitter. It is in the best interests of our users and developers for the meaning of ‘Tweet’ to be preserved to prevent any confusion, so we are taking action to protect its meaning.”

Little Voice in the complain

This action arises from the registration of the mark “LET YOUR AD MEET TWEETS” by Twittad, LLC (“Twittad” or “Defendant”) in connection with online advertising services for use on Twitter. Defendant’s LET YOUR AD MEET TWEETS registration unfairly exploits the widespread association by the consuming public of the mark TWEET with Twitter, and threatens to block Twitter from its registration and legitimate uses of its own mark.

In fact, it appears that Defendant has used LET YOUR AD MEET TWEETS solely as a generic phrase to refer advertising in connection with Twitter itself, and as such it is incapable of serving as a mark, rendering the registration subject cancellation on that ground. Alternatively, if Defendant is able to establish use of LET YOUR AD MEET TWEETS as a mark, its registration is subject to cancellation based on Twitter’s preexisting rights in the TWEET mark.
What will going to happen will Twitter suceed in throwing the word tweet out og Twittad house or again it have to go down. Let wait for more update. Current scenario is that Twitter had blocked both twitter connection to Twittad and also its account (@Twittad).

Twitter v Twittad Declaratory Judgment Complaint


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