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Friday, August 26, 2011

1st day at training from ethnus

My college Jnnce conducting the training with the help of the Ethnus. Today was the first day for the training at the college.

What happen?

At first the Ethnus member told us about the different perspective of the campus recruitment and also about them. Then came across the different phases of the a job selections.

The first phase 

In the first training conduction we were given reading comprehension to solve. About to three of the comprehension was fully solved and marked well with different level of views. The two level of reading was concerned from them the macro and the micro levels. They taught how to solve the comprehension in easy manner and think in the right direction to choose most appropriate answer.

And Second half

In second half of the training conduction the GD was meant. It was funny fuss over there and we have around 4 of the GD conducted with different students. They told about the process of GD and it's various kinds of topics. They tell the manner of the starting debating pointing the expression out of the person. Many aspects of the GD was explained and the doubt were clarified.

With the live experience of the GD it was very helpful to have you own experience about them and make it easy to understand and keep the fear out of you.


  1. been a student you must have ellobrated the things in some better waysbeen a student you must have ellobrated the things in some better ways


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