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Friday, July 8, 2011

Gmail: what's your favourite Inbox style?

Google is experimenting widely with so much of change in gmail. The new feature they added is very nice and attractive. It let you feel good as far as i thought so.
The Gmail will provide you the varieties of ways to keep you stylish Inbox. You prefer what suit you need and your style. The important thing is that you can apply and change these as per as your choice. Also there will be new tabs for putting the email arrangement, 5 of them. Let examine all of them just after picture

  1. Classic- The old classic look to your email listing which is perhaps the Default look. gmail-"messages are ordered chronologically, with your most recent email at the top."
  2. Priority Inbox- The experimental lab feature in action, we might have used it before. gmail-"Important and unread messages appear at the top of your inbox".
  3. Important first - As we had the important marker which Google reveals earlier and this based on same. One important section and one everything else section. Gmail- " important mail at the top of the page (both read and unread messages)".
  4. Unread first- Gmail-"unread mail at the top; everything else at the bottom."
  5. Starred first- Gmail-"Starred messages at the top; everything else at the bottom."

Point to Notice:

  • Your choice for different inbox style.
  • All style which Google featured either in lab or launched has been accomplished.
  • 5 style to choose.
  • It good to have the different style but not more interesting(may be)
  • I think classic view is better than other as it make complicated also we have search and star labels and other labels to view and search
  • Nothing new had been introduced else they mixed all the feature.

Note:change your inbox style from the drop down menu next to the Inbox label or from the Settings page.


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