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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

JNNCE at 65 in AIR ranking : Biggest joke of my life.


I was on the progress of giving my semester exam and before two of my paper to go end, i got an message from Rajat that the JNNCE is ranked 65 in All India Ranking of Engineering colleges. I thought he was joking and i sent him the message that he is joking. In reply i got the message of link i open it and got that he was true.
But the Question is the college whose name was unknown to everyone suddenly rose from down hill to top of mount. If it was such then we student of the jnnce must have some feeling that our college is doing better but it isn't. I feel good that my college go up but it so sudden something is biting me. Well what a joke it is as a college from nowhere came in top 100 ranking.
Among the list of top 75 colleges JNNCE ranked 65 as listed by Outlookindia. IIT Kharagpur top the list which followed by IIT Delhi and IIT Mumbai.


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