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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The next movie Project of Aamir Khan..........

'Aamir is in saloon to have a better hair cut but he had hair with that of Ghajani style with long hair. What the hair designer is girl of young age. she usually work best and had done that very well berfore today but what she made a hollow over three are from right, left and in behind of head. Aamir then shouted out to outside as no electricity was there. The cloudy season with little red sun in sky he look out but say good and eat the pain of bad hair cut  and rest the girl finishes his hair cutting. There after Aamir was in speed run out in those water logged roads without seeing anything. He enter a flat there in mirror he examine the  hair. Then he realizes that the hair cut was a nice perfect one.......meanwhile the the girl cry out in emotion outburst for him.'

It is the story in which Aamir himself playing the role of a acotress and the girl who is hair deginer is in opposite to him. They love each  other but didn't tell so.....  what will be the next?

Never mind it was the dream i saw today so i like it and put it on  my blog. It not the actual project he is doing, i am too small to know about a single second of his life. I am his fan only. Those who can expand
the little clip to a nice story with this theme only are welcome. I might myself think to make it for me. Sorry if anyone fell hurted do put the comment for it.
Those who like it share yaar!
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