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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

IPL 4 Will it retain the same value?

Since INDIA has won the World cup People are still stuck to hangover of the World cup but Slowly the Ipl 4 will juice them up. The question is why we have Ipl so close to the World cup, can't take a month more? Ok might be the problem of so called cricketing schedule to be Busy. But I believe we many not have the same Cheers as before coz of following reasons:
  • Just World cup has ended.
  • Too much reshuffle of the players
  • Many big guns had been changed their team like Dravid, Yuvraj, Gambhir.
  • As people will we in deep confusion of choosing their favorite team
  • Too much of cricket with many matches totaling to 74 in 2 months. 
In terms of the money value I think Ipl 4 will make judgement as they did in previous versions but it the time will tell that if it over rate those of previous one. The rating suddenly be high for the 4th largest sporting event. As INDIA a cricket addicted country can't live without it so Ipl 4 will runs in every ones mind even the world cup hangover will make no difference. Let Wait and watch the Ipl 4 performance...........


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