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Thursday, April 14, 2011

DAVians brought the Cricket World cup to the Country

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 I had done my study at DAV schools. One at the DAV lalpania and other at Muzaffarpur. But why I am writing this? Because I feel proud to be called as DAVians. 
Kapil dev a legend From DAV Chandhigarh

Kapil Dev who is a legend cricketer is an DAVians who brought the first World cup in 1983 to INDIA and also Mahinder singh Dhoni is from DAV shamili , Ranchi who had bring the World cup victory to us this year. The two captains who bring the world cup to our Nation is from DAV school so all the student who study in the DAV school feel proud to themselves.
Also We had another hero the man of tournament of the World cup 2011 Yuvraj singh had studied at DAV Chandigarh. Another point to joy for DAVians.
It is nice to have a tag of such people in your name. Though it is very much insensible to say what I had said above as neither of the Kapil nor Dhoni  is from the same school in wchich I had studied. Any how the tag that both are from the DAV school and I too from the same School but of different branch is not bad to call and feel proud of!!!!!!!

Source: Sumit Prakash posted this at facebook Group  posted in D.A.V. Muzaffarpur 2005 Batch.

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