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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Google introduces +1 to kill Facebook like button

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Google has introduced a new feature in it experimental search called +1 which is still in labs. It is similar to the like button in Facebook.

  • You will able to mark or +1'd the site while searching.
  •  Every +1d done by you will appear in your +1 tab in your profile
  • +1 is browser specific so it will appear for the only in browser you had +1'd, you need to repeat that for each of the browser you uses.
  • It will count the no of +1'd done on each sites as well as the ads
  • It will shows you and your friends (Google friends) on the site you or they +1'd

Feel the new +1 
You need to sign in google account to use +1 features.

  • So after login go to google labs and choose search experiments or follow the link +1 button
  • Click on the join this experiment (note you will able to join only one experiment at a time so keep that in mind and close other if you had opened)
Now go to (not any other search version of Google) and  search whatever you want.There would be a +1 written on button just  click on that if you like the particular site. For the first time you will need  to confirm the +1 action and choose how you want you +1'd to appears  on web.

 After you click on the +1 for a website the +1 button will highlighted with  display you +1'd this. There is also mention that how you +1'd the site by  showing it publicly or private. This is dones so as to keep in mind of the  privacy of users.

Now Go to your Google profile page check the +1 tab in your profile along with the site you recommended or +1'd so far.

Have a quick watch on You tube

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