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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Google Sidewiki

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Welcome screen for Sidewiki

Google Sidewiki had launched in 2009 but i had not got to know of it till i found that on my Google Dashboard today. I had no information of it before todday but I came to know and used it so here is a little experince over it.
Google Sidewiki is an extension for Chrome which allow us to share information to and also get information of any webpage. This is very good extension to share and gather information and comments. In early stage it was  integrated with Google toolbar and only the browser you working with is able to see the comments but now it come to Gmail id, where all the information is added in Google server for that account as comment is posted.

Max of 9 entries marked with +9 sigh over the icon is shown as you hit the sidewiki on a particular website is shown along with the option for you at last to give an entry. You can find more by pressing next....

The Max 9 entries shown in Sidewiki
 As you made an entry for a particular site as I did her for You tube, you will see the option to share it on Twitter and Facebook with links to post too. See below picture

Sharing the Entry made on Sidewiki toTwitter and Facebook
Now more is that just place your mouse to the picture of the person who made an entry that will show information about the no of entry made by that user along with option to see Google Profile of that person.

Information of use who made entry on Sidewiki
As an owner of the page you are allowed to write special entry which will always publish as user click on Sidewiki while browsing your site. The Entry will made for all pages or for the single page also.

Sidewiki For Siteowner
More about it

  • If you are a blogger you will see the list of blogger as you making the entry with option to share on those blogger sites.
  • The option as said in above can be bring any time by clicking on "My Blogs on Blogger"
  • Sidewiki also provide the links to help you what to write as useful entry.
  • This work only when you are signed to Google account
  • At top you will have a  button(after the name) which will allow you to write entry, link to your Google profile, Feedback and learn more to get more information.
  • You can see you all entries either by option shown on mouse over to profile pic or going to Google dasboard

 Go to here to install Google Sidewiki
See demo for the Google Sidewiki on You tube  

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